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Improve your vocal techniques for a better performance!

I've been performing for many years and now want to share my insight and experience!  Private, semi-private or group sessions available!  The more the merrier!  Call to sign up for group or individual sessions.  Ask your friends or call me to join another group! Weather you're already performing and just want to practice your songbook or a beginner and want to jump into performing, there's a workshop or session for you!


Vocal Coaching Sessions:

Private Session:  $50 per hour (1/2 hour session $35)
Semi-private:      $25 per student per hour

                                 (2 students/1 hour minimum)
Group Session:   $10 per student per hour

                                  (3 or more/2 hour minimum)

Workshops Available:

Workshops are fun, easy and can really help with learning more about music!  Call me to arrange a session or add your name to a waiting list for sessions. 


Workshop #1


Learn To Scat while having some fun!  It's easier then you think with a little guidance! 

This 2 hour session can either introduce you to scatting or just help improve your scat style!  We'll learn from each other as we work out some improv techniques to make you sound like a pro!  I'll also have a special guest artist to help us "get in the groove".  Don't feel intimidated on your gigs.  Let me help you get in the swing!

Dates ongoing!  Contact me by email  to put your name on a list for the next workshop.  Only room for 10 participants per workshop.

Workshop #2

The Showcase!

Rehearse your songs in a showcase setting.  We'll practice your music for 3 sessions and the final session will be a showcase to invite your friends, family, music contacts or other performers!  This workshop is open for performers of any age, who sing any style of music.  

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