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with Elena Gilliam

     I've always loved the concept of visual art and music linked together as one celebration. In 2015  I premiered my first Art of Jazz Celebration at the beautiful Muzeo Museum and Cultural Center in Anaheim, California. It was a wonderful Art exhibit and showcase of outstanding Jazz musicians.

     Starting in 2020, since I was not able to host a live event, I began producing an online program again hosted by the MUZEO. Art & Jazz with Elena Gilliam are recorded programs presented quarterly and posted to YouTube for viewing anytime. They include virtual exhibits and great music from jazz artists and visual artists; photographers, fine artists and more!  Please tune in for an hour of relaxation and enjoyment!  Thank you for listening and viewing!


      Music needs to be heard and art needs to be seen! Together they make a beautiful friendship! 


Next Show:

Sunday November 13, 2022

1:00 - 2:00pm

Art & Jazz - hosted with Elena Gilliam

Featuring the work of 

Previous Shows:

Art & Jazz with Elena Gilliam- August 14, 2022 Featuring the Artistry of Blue Note Records- photography of Francis Wolff and Designer Reid Miles. Virtual exhibit with Janice D Monaco, Southern California multimedia artist shares her beautiful work.

Art & Jazz with Elena Gilliam - May 8, 2022 Featuring Bob Barry, Jazzographer & Mark Christian Miller, Entertainer/Promoter

Art & Jazz with Elena Gilliam - February 13, 2022 Featuring Tribute to MLK, Terrence Love, Photographer/Jazz Promoter

Art & Jazz with Elena Gilliam - November 14, 2022 Highlighting artists from the past year

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